How to Manage Nightmare Clients (And Kiss Them Goodbye)

How to manage bad WordPress clients. We discuss how to spot potentially problematic WordPress clients, manage them gracefully, and potentially let them go.

Suggested steps:

  1. Start by determining who you’d like your ideal clients to be.
  2. Confirm whether you have any current hellish clients.
  3. Manage problem clients effectively in the short term.
  4. Manage yourself – there’s no need to take extreme abuse. If an abrupt firing is necessary, do it.
  5. Gracefully fire clients that aren’t a good match.

Source: How to Manage Nightmare Clients (And Kiss Them Goodbye)

Must Read WordPress Articles | Tom McFarlin

Over the last few months, I’ve come across some really good WordPress articles that I thought I’d share.

Those articles are:

Source: Must Read WordPress Articles | Tom McFarlin

Posts Numbers, Password Protected, Multisite Plugins, Fullscreen Responsive Menu, and Recent Posts Dropdown

Another skimming recap of the day. Probably need to catch up with WPBeginner in the future (like… six posts in a day? whew…) ????

Ever wanted to publish a series of posts with numbers next to each post title? Learn how to automatically add numbers to your WordPress posts.

Source: How to Automatically Add Numbers to Your WordPress Posts

Worried about password protected posts showing up on homepage and in widgets? Learn how to hide password protected posts from the WordPress loop.

Source: How to Hide Password Protected Posts From WordPress Loop

Can’t find installed plugins on your WordPress multisite? This guide explains why do you not see all plugins on WordPress multisite installs.

Source: Why Do You Not See All Plugins on WordPress Multisite Installs

Wondering if you should network activate all plugins on WordPress multisite? Learn the difference of activate and network activate on WordPress multisite.

Source: Should You Network Activate All Plugins on WordPress Multisite

Do you want to add a fullscreen overlay menu in your WordPress theme? Learn how to easily add a fullscreen responsive menu in WordPress (no code required).

Source: How to Add a Fullscreen Responsive Menu in WordPress

Want to show your recent posts in a drop down menu or a collapisble list? Learn how to easily show recent posts as a drop down in WordPress.

Source: How to Show Recent Posts as a Drop Down in WordPress