Looking for WordPress Hosting – Four Options for You

If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, then you know there are several options. Here are four for you.

While still on the topic, this post is published before previous one. So probably it’s 2014 edition?

SiteGround, Pagely, MediaTemple, WP Engine. The missing ones here are Flywheel and GoDaddy. And the one not mentioned on the latest post is MediaTemple.

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Getting Started With Time Machine

Time Machine works by backing up every file on your Mac—including things like applications and preferences—to an external hard drive. The only thing not backed up is the operating system. If anything happens to your Mac, you can go back to the copy stored in Time Machine.

Also …

Tip: Time Machine stores hourly backups for twenty-four hours, daily backups for a month and weekly backups indefinitely, limited only by the capacity of the storage being used.

Time to try it, after finally got a free external HD.

Source: Getting Started With Time Machine