Responsive Images Part 1

About Responsive Images. Need to get a grasp of it.

It’s been a busy week over in #feature-respimg world! We are now using a display filter on the_content to include responsive image markup, and are looking for feedback on the approach. Why fi…

An old post re-read again.

Source: Responsive Images Feature Plugin Update


Responsive Images are slowly paving a path towards WordPress core. That’s great news, but to get there we need to rethink how WordPress handles images.

A nice idea for responsive images. But an old one, since Responsive Images already at WordPress core anyway. Hence, house cleaning.

Source: WordPress Image Handling in a Responsive Images World –


Responsive Images in WordPress could open up new opportunities to allow theme (and plugin) designers and developers to take control over image sizes.

Continuation from before.

Source: WordPress, Responsive Images, and Dynamic Image Sizes –

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