Sass Maps

Everything about Sass Maps.

Sass 3.3 has been within everyone’s reach for a while now, but many of its real-world features are still unfamiliar to many developers. The new version of Sass brought us a new data type named map. Maps hold a collection of key/value pairs and help us create small configuration areas for a simplified codebase.

Source: An Introduction to Sass Maps: Usage and Examples


Una shows some simple things we can use Sass maps for to keep our code readable and organized.

Source: 5 Great Uses for Sass Maps


What’s best to use in this head-to-head James shows us the strengths and weaknesses of Sass Maps vs. Nested Lists

Source: Sass Maps vs. Nested Lists


Managing responsive typographic rhythm isn’t easy. Jonathan Suh shows how Sass maps make responsive typography much more manageable.

Source: Responsive Typography with Sass Maps

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