Mengenal CSS3 Viewport unit

Dalam CSS3 terdapat unit baru, yakni viewport unit, sama halnya dengan persentase namun relati terhadap viewport browser/ukuran browser. Viewport Unit. OK, noted. Source: Mengenal CSS3 Viewport unit

A new WordPress desktop client – and it’s open source!

There’s a new WordPress desktop client – though currently only released for Mac. The great news? It’s open source! Since not using Windows for a while, feels do not have need for the Windows-based app. But figured when was still on Windows, definitely will eager to try one! Source: A new WordPress desktop client – […]

The iPad Pro Surface Book Comparison

My iPad Pro Surface Book comparison results in a different conclusion than I had expected. Nevertheless, here’s my take on what each does best. No. Not going to buy any of them. At least not in the near future. Although admit it, after reading the review, the urge to buy is so… “I waaaant…” ???? […]