Watch: Getting Started with Grunt

I will explain and take you through the process of configuring a gruntfile from start to completion so that you can truly understand how GruntJS works. Back to basic again. Good for refreshment. Also learn new thing: Grunt file mapping is various. Two of them explained in the screencast are Compact and File Object. Source: Watch: […]

Headings hierarchy changes in the admin screens

For a number of years, the headings hierarchy in the admin screens have been setup without careful thought. WordPress 4.4 aims to fix this. This work is mainly focused on helping those users of ass… Is this what it’s called HTML Semantics ? Source: Headings hierarchy changes in the admin screens

Comment Object and Query Features in 4.4

Without comments, a website is as effective at creating a community as the Chicago Cubs are at winning World Series titles. WordPress 4.4 is a rebuilding release and the comments system is much imp… Rarely had a need to custom Comment feature. But it’s still nice. Source: Comment Object and Query Features in 4.4

How to Get Yourself to Do Things

I have a special sympathy for sufferers of a particular human problem, and I get more emails about it than just about any other topic. There are normal peopl Need to convert the graph and change state. Soon! Source: How to Get Yourself to Do Things