An open letter on side projects

I love side projects. They are what wake me up at night with excitement; they are what causes light bulbs to flash on inside my brain while walking my dog; they are what motivate me when all other motivation is lost; they are the distraction from my worries; they are a fundamental part of who […]

One year since I stopped going it alone

Since early child hood, I have always been a do-it-myself individual. It is an attitude I attribute largely to the way my father raised me and my brother. The three of us were always working around the farm making repairs and handling new construction. We did our own plumbing, electrical work, mowing, cleaning, car maintenance, […]

Customizer typography project

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been giving some thought about building a typography control class for the WordPress customizer. I started to write a tutorial… Source: Customizer typography project Probably worth to check this Customizer Typography. And probably could be used too.

Hello Node | The Jackal of Javascript

A quick guide on how to set up Nodejs and run the hello node application. We will also write our own http server that runs and node. Finally! It’s a start. Looking forward to another (done) tutorial. ???? Source: Hello Node | The Jackal of Javascript