Theming with the REST API – Meet Picard

If there’s one thing that has been making waves in the WordPress ecosystem this year, it is the new REST API. Officially known as WP-API, and currently available as a plugin, it is due to be rolled… Would like to check this Picard and Tango. And if possible, in the future, create ones like them. […]

Musings on Customizer as Future Admin Interface

There has been a lot of (well-deserved) excitement over Automattic’s Calypso project which largely re-implements the WP admin on as a JavaScript-driven REST API-powered single p… Honestly, still prefer the looks of Calypso ( new dashboard) than the Customizer. Source: Musings on Customizer as Future Admin Interface

How to Limit Heartbeat API in WordPress

Is WordPress Heartbeat API slowing down your website? Learn how to limit Heartbeat API in WordPress or completely stop WordPress Heartbeat API. Already heard about Heartbeat API before. But can’t remember where. Source: How to Limit Heartbeat API in WordPress