WordPress Plugin Review: WP Pusher

While the WordPress core project still uses SVN for version control, it’s pretty safe to say that the vast majority of serious WordPress developers use Git on their own projects. That being the case, it’s somewhat of a surprise that there aren’t more git-based tools like WP Pusher that help developers integrate some of their […]

What is a WordPress Developer? | Tom McFarlin

A person who can install WordPress, a theme, and a few plugins is not a WordPress developer – not matter what they say. So what is a WordPress developer? Source: What is a WordPress Developer? | Tom McFarlin This “Power User” is the “WordPress Implementer”, no?

WordPress Developers: Clarifying The Title | Tom McFarlin

The term “developer” is overused to a point of no meaning, so why is it different for WordPress developers? It’s not. Here are thoughts on clarifying it. Source: WordPress Developers: Clarifying The Title | Tom McFarlin Actually part of WordPress Developer Salary series: A WordPress Developer Salary Should Be…? WordPress Developer Salary: Manage That Content […]