Javascript, APIs, and the Future of WordPress – Scott Bolinger

Automattic just announced Calypso, which is a radical new interface for It replaces the old admin experience with a faster, more modern approach. It uses a Javascript framework called React, which was developed by Facebook. The main advantage of React is that it’s supposed to allow development of web and mobile apps using […]

WordPress Options and Theme Modifications | Tom McFarlin

There are multiple APIs available in WordPress for saving our information: WordPress Options and Theme Modifications. When and why should we use them? Theme Modifications API for themes and Options API for plugins. But no need to be really strict, though. Source: WordPress Options and Theme Modifications | Tom McFarlin

Add a Page Select to the Customizer | WP Theming

I’ve been working on a new theme that allows users to select certain pages in the customizer, and then display those pages out on a “showcase” template. I think this is pretty use… The dropdown-pages control type saves the day. Source: Add a Page Select to the Customizer | WP Theming