Taking A Closer Look At XML-RPC | @thetorquemag

In this article, we take a closer look at what XML-RPC is, and what it does, in reference to WordPress. No sample codes. But provide more explanation about XML-RPC. Like the use of basic authentication (username and password) which raise a¬†security issue and that’s why need to switch to more secure and easier¬†WP REST API. […]

XML-RPC for WordPress Developers

In this article we walk you through the fundamentals of XML-RPC for WordPress, including the basics of XML-RPC and how WordPress exposes this protocol. Some sample codes for using XML-RPC. Just for knowledge. More interested in WP REST API. Source: XML-RPC for WordPress Developers

Short Git Series by M-Way Solution

Nice short series of Git. Looking at branch differently now. Before, it’s like a “channel”. Now, understand it as also a “pointer” like tag. Still, not really dare to follow this git-flow, that is using feature-branch or a branch as a feature.