Sass Theming: The Neverending Story

Hugo Giraudel shows us four ways of theming with Sass discussing the code required, the output and the pros and cons of each option. Another theming way. Make use of @mixin. Interesting and as the title says, there are many ways to achieve it. Source: Sass Theming: The Neverending Story

Sass Theming with Configuration Files

Adam Onishi shows us how he’s recently been creating a configuration file for theming with Sass. Theming here is skin or color scheme. Have thought about this but still need more thinking for implementation. Learn how !default put in use here. Source: Sass Theming with Configuration Files

Acquisitions | Tom McFarlin

Acquisitions can be great – they result in a surge of investment and resources. But that’s not always the case – the product may face one of several fates. If building one business, probably will look for this as an “easy” exit. But more important, writing or blogging should be made a habit. Source: Acquisitions […]

Andy Adams and Pressware | Tom McFarlin

Andy Adams, who used to work for The Theme Foundry, is now part of Pressware and I couldn’t be more excited. Tom get new partner. And yes, these things always make consideration not to build own business. Update: Just checking out Pressware homepage, turns out Tom already switching partner. Source: Andy Adams and Pressware | Tom […]