WordPress vs Wix

GPL is indeed can be confusing sometimes. Haven’t really fully understand it too. Well, the not-too-positive side from this drama: Avishai Abrahami name is famous now, at least now getting know to this name 😄

Over the weekend WordPress co-creator and Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg called out Wix for copying GPL code from the WordPress mobile app and distributing it in its proprietary app. He identified t…

Source: Mullenweg Takes Aim at Wix over GPL Abuses, Wix Response Fails to Address Licensing Issue – WordPress Tavern

Matt Mullenweg alleged that the Wix application is built using stolen code, highlighting the similarities between the mobile app and the WordPress editor.

Source: Wix Uses WordPress Code, Violates GPL | @thetorquemag

After being accused of ripping off GPL material by WordPress co-creator Matt Mullenweg, Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami responded…inadequately. Here’s why.

Source: Why Wix’s response to WordPress re GPL license is weak | WP Garage

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic, downloaded his competitor Wix’s iOS app. It looked eerily familiar, and he confirmed it contains source code stolen from WordPress. He called them out on his blog, getting right to the point in addressing the problem

Source: The Price Of GPL | Bitsplitting.org

When you breach the terms of the GPL, the best plan is to put things right straight away, not misdirect away from the problem and condescend to the authors. Many were surprised when one of the pion…

Source: Wix and WordPress Explainer | Meshed Insights Ltd

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