Cookies and WordPress: How to Set, Get and Delete – WPMU DEV

Everyone loves an occasional cookie (or two) offline but their virtual use in sites worldwide is often a topic of confusion. Cookies offer a simple and elegant solution to do things like maintain sessions for your visitors as they browse, store user preferences and gather data for your site. In this article, we’ll cover everything […]

2016 in review: #Carl2016 | The Man in the Arena

Well, we’re almost done with 2016! Around the same time last year, I did my first year in review. (In reality, it was more of a 2012-2015 review!) I want to continue this trend by doing a review of this year. It’s a way for me to be transparent about what I’m doing. It’s not […]

WordPress 4.7 Field Guide – Make WordPress Core

WordPress 4.7 is shaping up to be the best WordPress yet!  Users will receive new and refined features that make it easier to “Make your site, YOUR site”, and developers will be able to… Source: WordPress 4.7 Field Guide – Make WordPress Core Wonder if ever will use all the new features.