Drafting Pseudocode Before Building Anything

Because of our familiarity with our tools, we think we’re ready to start writing code. But pseudocode goes a long way in organization and maintainability. Pseudocode still needed. Sometimes still doing it, writes on a notebook. Source: Drafting Pseudocode Before Building Anything

Hacking Vs Engineering: Not All “Bad Code” is Bad

Build a bridge, or get in your boat and explore? Kyle Vermeulen asks Influx founder Michael De Wildt about the difference between hacking and engineering. – hack first, engineer later – new perspective. And good analogy of bridge 🌉 vs boat 🚤 Source: Hacking Vs Engineering: Not All “Bad Code” is Bad

Self-Imposed Pressure in Programming | Tom McFarlin

Self-Imposed Pressure can not only take the fun out of programming, but can also result in shipping sloppy work – and I’m speaking from experience. Quality should be pursued. But Time sometimes can be the biggest enemy. Source: Self-Imposed Pressure in Programming | Tom McFarlin