Pulling Back From Progressive Enhancement

Progressive enhancement is a phrase we hear a lot in web development and it’s fun to introduce into our projects, but it’s not always the best idea. No two clients are the same. Was thinking it will speak more about progressive enhancement itself, turns out speaks more about handling clients. Source: Pulling Back From Progressive […]

Pressware and Self-Employment Accounting | Tom McFarlin

In this post, I thought I’d share how I’ve gone about managing my books – or how I’ve done self-employment accounting – since working out of Pressware. Not really needed, at least for the moment. But love the ‘final form’ meme 😁 Source: Pressware and Self-Employment Accounting | Tom McFarlin

Things That I Believe Every Project Needs | Tom McFarlin

When working on software projects, there’s a variety of things that each project needs. Here are four things that I’ve found to be consistently useful. Those are: Communication Bug and Issue Tracker Source Control Optionally, A Roadmap Source: Things That I Believe Every Project Needs | Tom McFarlin