The anatomy of responsive images –

I just had my responsive images epiphany and I’m writing it all down before I forget everything. This is what I know… This wraps up things. By the time reading this (and re-read some previous articles), finally can understand a little bit about this Responsive Images thing. Source: The anatomy of responsive images –

Using Responsive Images (Now) · An A List Apart Article

Use responsive images now! Chen Hui Jing introduces us to the new selection types and shows us how we can make them work for us. Another reference from A List Apart. This one explains srcset and sizes better. Especially about the ‘w’ descriptor (and other descriptor such as ‘x’) used in srcset. Source: Using Responsive […]

Responsive Images in Practice · An A List Apart Article

When we design responsively, our content elegantly and efficiently flows into any device. All of our content, that is, except images. For years, we’ve catered to users with the highest-resolution screens by sending giant images to everyone. No longer. Eric Portis takes us through the new picture element and other attributes to let us mark […]