Sass Helpers for Older Browsers

Nate goes through what’s needed to support older versions of IE and how Sass can help fix them easily. Not the helpers themselves, but contain links to other resources. Source: Sass Helpers for Older Browsers

Sass and Responsive Typography

James shows us how we can generate nice typography for our responsive sites with Sass maps and functions Advance use of Sass. Still not getting there, but got the gist of it. Source: Sass and Responsive Typography

Sass Theming: The Neverending Story

Hugo Giraudel shows us four ways of theming with Sass discussing the code required, the output and the pros and cons of each option. Another theming way. Make use of @mixin. Interesting and as the title says, there are many ways to achieve it. Source: Sass Theming: The Neverending Story

Sass Theming with Configuration Files

Adam Onishi shows us how he’s recently been creating a configuration file for theming with Sass. Theming here is skin or color scheme. Have thought about this but still need more thinking for implementation. Learn how !default put in use here. Source: Sass Theming with Configuration Files

Understanding Variable Scope in Sass

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at variables and variable scope in Sass. The scope of a variable describes the context within which it’s defined and therefore where it’s available to use. Basic knowledge. Still, learn about !default and !global flag. Source: Understanding Variable Scope in Sass

A Primer on Using Flexbox with Compass

Thomas Greco provides a run-through of the different features available in Compass to allow you to easily work with flexbox in CSS. Finally getting to know with flexbox for the first time. Ironically, through Compass which, like said before, will not be used in near future 😅 Source: A Primer on Using Flexbox with Compass

Useful Compass Features for Web Development

George, shows us 8 different features available with the Compass framework that shows it’s more than a mixin library for vendor prefixes. Was ever know Compass. But probably not going to use it in near future. Source: Useful Compass Features for Web Development