Confidence and Overwhelm

Thinking about where confidence comes from, when there is so much we just don’t have time to learn. There’s a lot of key points from here. Probably going to create a separate post for listing them. Good read. Source: Confidence and Overwhelm

Keeping Ahead of the Game in Your Web Career

If you’re anything like me, every time a new website builder or CMS is launched (at least a good one), a little part of you goes cold. Send the similar vibe. Specialize and focus, but keep learning and adapting. Source: Keeping Ahead of the Game in Your Web Career

Being A Developer After 40 — Free Code Camp

(This is the talk I have given at App Builders Switzerland on April 25th, 2016. The slides are available on SpeakerDeck … Recommended by many. Long read. Favourite quote: Keep doing your thing, keep learning what you were learning, and move on. Pay attention to it only if you have a genuine interest… Source: Being A […]