Running PHPUnit Tests Outside VVV

We use Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) as the development environment for as many projects as we can. It provides a great foundation not only for developing client projects but also for core develop… Have never used PHPUnit before. Gotta need to try it someday. But agree (or disagree?) at one point with the article, if […]

Vagrant vs Docker: Which is better for WordPress development?

For some time now Vagrant has been the go-to solution for creating development environments that can be configured independantly of your machine and shared with a team. There are many benefits to using virtual machines over installing software directly on your local machine (as MAMP does for example): Software stacks are entirely independent from the […]

Introducing Theme Juice for Local WordPress Development

In this article we introduce Theme Juice, a command line utility for modern WordPress development that will help you leave your old MAMP workflow behind. It looks good. But seems to have installed the gem on the host OS. Not really keen for it. Source: Introducing Theme Juice for Local WordPress Development