2016 in review: #Carl2016 | The Man in the Arena

Well, we’re almost done with 2016! Around the same time last year, I did my first year in review. (In reality, it was more of a 2012-2015 review!) I want to continue this trend by doing a review of this year. It’s a way for me to be transparent about what I’m doing. It’s not […]

My Priorities (Balancing Work and Home) | Tom McFarlin

Sometimes, it can be tough balancing work and home life when you want to keep up with all of the latest technologies. There’s time for that – and more. And finally, after the last three posts (including this), get a little motivation on how to do things right. Keyword: work hours. Source: My Priorities (Balancing […]

Balancing Family and Work | Tom McFarlin

When it comes to balancing family and work, we’re all different. This is how I do it, though I’m curious how you do it, as well! Currently need more reading stuff like these, as current situation is similar but on the contrary. Source: Balancing Family and Work | Tom McFarlin

How Writing One Plugin Changed My Lifestyle

How contributing to open source changed my life and lifestyle. My tale of leaving a corporate job to work for the project I’d been contributing to. Currently struggling with work/life balance. Although own condition is rather on the contrary with this story. Source: How Writing One Plugin Changed My Lifestyle

Being A Developer After 40 — Free Code Camp

(This is the talk I have given at App Builders Switzerland on April 25th, 2016. The slides are available on SpeakerDeck … Recommended by many. Long read. Favourite quote: Keep doing your thing, keep learning what you were learning, and move on. Pay attention to it only if you have a genuine interest… Source: Being A […]