10 of the Best Hosted Ecommerce Platforms

Running your own Web store is not only fun to do, but when taken seriously can also earn you a nice supplemental income. Web stores are easily combined with a day job, and they can even become so successful that they replace your day job. There are dozens of ecommerce platforms available to run a […]

Build and Publish Your Own Grunt Plugin

Stephan Max shows how to build your own little Grunt plugin and publish it via the npm package manager. This is a good tutorial. But since won’t create one in the near future, just skim it for now. Source: Build and Publish Your Own Grunt Plugin

Hosting Part 01

A compilation of hosting things. Most of these speaks similar things, that is choosing between Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress, and VPS. Total 3 articles.

Ternary Operators Considered Harmful – Press Up

Conditionals are, if we’re honest, an embarrassingly large part of most programs deployed in the world. I say “embarrassingly” because a two-year-old understands conditionals, and we as developers often fancy ourselves creators of vast systems of profound, innate, and valuable complexity. Sometimes our use of conditionals is just for making a series of little form […]

How to use WordPress Permalinks like an SEO Pro – iThemes

SEO professionals agree that choosing the right WordPress permalinks setting provides the best search engine optimization. We reveal the best choice inside. It’s basic stuff actually. Somehow can’t remember how this kind of post is strayed on the list. Source: How to use WordPress Permalinks like an SEO Pro – iThemes