WordPress 4.4: Field Guide

This is just another clean up. But still provides good guide and reminder. WordPress 4.4 is the next major release of WordPress and is shaping up to be an amazing release. While you have likely discovered many of the changes from testing your plugins, themes, and sites (y… Source: WordPress 4.4: Field Guide   The […]

Watch: Understanding Android and Java

Android development uses the popular Java programming language. In this video we look at the basics of Java and the additions that Android brings to it. So Android is basically Java. This is nostalgic. Bring back memories ???? Source: Watch: Understanding Android and Java

How to Grunt and Gulp Your Way to Workflow Automation

Microsoft’s Etienne Margraff explains how to use developer automation software like Gulp and Grunt to make your development workflow simple. Gulp sounds promising. But like ever read somewhere (forgot the link), if Grunt is enough for doing the jobs, then won’t necessary to learn the same tool. And here’s another quote to strengthen the statement: […]

2015 year in review

2015 has been an interesting year for me in so many ways. Partly because it’s been supremely successful for the business and partly because it has been exceptionally challenging (and superb) on a personal level. Good achievement ???? Source: 2015 year in review

Local WordPress development strategies and transparency in business — Draft podcast | Post Status

Post Status Draft is a podcast about WordPress news and events hosted by Brian Krogsgard and Joe Hoyle. This week we discuss strategies for working locally, Underscore.js templating, and transparency in WordPress businesses. Second Podcast to hear. Finally found best times to hear podcasts like these. Source: Local WordPress development strategies and transparency in business […]

An open letter on side projects

I love side projects. They are what wake me up at night with excitement; they are what causes light bulbs to flash on inside my brain while walking my dog; they are what motivate me when all other motivation is lost; they are the distraction from my worries; they are a fundamental part of who […]

One year since I stopped going it alone

Since early child hood, I have always been a do-it-myself individual. It is an attitude I attribute largely to the way my father raised me and my brother. The three of us were always working around the farm making repairs and handling new construction. We did our own plumbing, electrical work, mowing, cleaning, car maintenance, […]