Importing A Large Database in MAMP | Tom McFarlin

If you’re working with WordPress and MAMP to importing a large database, then you may need to stop tweaking settings and using the command-line. It’s easy. Nice tips.¬†Always can’t remember the exact script. Source: Importing A Large Database in MAMP | Tom McFarlin

Managing Huge Repositories with Git

Shaumik examines ways to manage huge repositories with Git, including shallow cloning, cloning a single branch, using submodules and third-party extensions. Once shocked someone pushed the PSD files to git. Turns out large files is indeed problem for git. And it’s nice to have solutions like these. Source: Managing Huge Repositories with Git

Writing PHP Git Hooks with Static Review

Matthew Setter take a look at Static Review – a framework for writing git hooks, so you can do hook inspections on your files on certain git actions! Seems nice. Although not keen to try it right now. Source: Writing PHP Git Hooks with Static Review