Chrome Developer Tools

All about Chrome Dev Tools.

In this article we’re going to share with you 15 cool tips and tricks that will make you more productive with Google Chrome’s powerful DevTools.

Source: 15 Must-Know Chrome DevTools Tips and Tricks


The following is a guest post by Umar Hansa. Umar has a newsletter I’m a fan of and graciously offered to write this guest post in that style. I’ll let him…

Source: Six Tips for Chrome DevTools | CSS-Tricks


Tim Evko dives into the Chrome Developer Tools Profiler to demonstrate how to analyze JavaScript performance in the browser.

Source: Video: Profiling JavaScript Performance in Chrome


One of the most common questions I see in forums, and when talking to people one-on-one is “how do you know?” How do you know what style rules a specific element has? How do you know exactly what classes are applied to it? How can you tell that the script isn’t loading properly? There are JavaScript errors? How do you know what the return of an AJAX call is? And so on. My answer is Chrome Developer Tools! All big browsers have developer tools built right in, which can give you a wealth of information about a website.

Source: Leveraging Chrome Developer Tools for WordPress Development – WPMU DEV


Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) is an amazing set of web-authoring and debug tools for Google Chrome. The DevTools provide access to the elements that build web pages. You can use the DevTools to…

Source: How to Use Chrome Developer Tools to Improve Your WordPress Website


Chrome DevTools – Use Accessibility Inspection to better understand how accessible your markup is

Source: Extract accessibility information with the Accessibility Inspector – Chrome DevTools – Dev Tips

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