2016 in review: #Carl2016 | The Man in the Arena

Well, we’re almost done with 2016! Around the same time last year, I did my first year in review. (In reality, it was more of a 2012-2015 review!) I want to continue this trend by doing a review of this year. It’s a way for me to be transparent about what I’m doing. It’s not […]

Keeping Ahead of the Game in Your Web Career

If you’re anything like me, every time a new website builder or CMS is launched (at least a good one), a little part of you goes cold. Send the similar vibe. Specialize and focus, but keep learning and adapting. Source: Keeping Ahead of the Game in Your Web Career

The right way to sell yourself

When people encourage you to blog, for you or your company, the question pops up? How often to pitch. Here’s the right way to sell yourself, in my opinion. Still can’t get the mood to blogging regularly. And there’s that homework need to be done for branding. Go! Make it! Source: The right way to sell […]