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Let’s wrap everythings up today. Part 4. Total 10 articles.

Arūnas Liuiza, like many other WordPress developers, prefers to develop his plugins on GitHub, thanks to the collaborative tools for issue tracking, merging, and pull requests. Hosting and developi…

Sounds interesting. Should try this.

Source: Deployer App Pushes Plugins from GitHub to


In this post, we’re focusing on WordPress themes. As I’m sure you’re aware, themes are primarily designed to style your website. However, most top themes also have some useful built-in functionalities, and all themes included today support stylish reviews.

So they’re review themes, not theme review. Almost fall for that. Well, already actually. But it’s good to know there is this niche.

Source: A Collection of the Best WordPress Review Themes for 2016


Some plugins and themes really do contain bad code and hinders, but is WordPress code a mess? Let’s find out!

This kind of post can start war. Well, if not treated proportionally.

Source: Is WordPress Code Really A Mess? – Kinsta


There’s a lot to love about making your living as a WordPress developer. You can set your own hours and work from just about anywhere. You can take on a variety of clients to keep your workload interesting. But you also have to market yourself if you want to drum up new work. And for some, that’s just plain awkward. Being viewed as a braggart isn’t just an idle fear, it’s a real possibility. Boasting about your accomplishments can make you seem arrogant or full of yourself.

It’s always doubtful. Do need to show portfolios? Or profiles is enough?

Source: How to Brag About Your Freelance Work Without Being a Jerk


The WordPress Accessibility Team has created draft Accessibility Coding Standards for the core handbook.  These standards will remain in draft format for at least the next two weeks while everyone …

This Accessibility thing is getting serious day by day.

Source: Accessibility Coding Standards now in draft and seeking comments.


The First Version is the name of the membership site I launched last week to help those who are interested in getting started with WordPress development.

New business (startup?) from Tom. Wonder if it’s going to work ? But not in the negative tone.

Source: The First Version For WordPress Development | Tom McFarlin


Plugins and themes hosted on are, as of December 5th(-ish) 2015, translateable through This opens up for a lot of interesting new interactions for existing, and potential new users, who may not be fluent in English, and have not yet picked up your plugin or theme for this reason alone. So, your plugin …

Nice snippet. Yay or nay?

Source: Encourage community translations for plugins – Clorith


Is your Multisite install ready if – and when – disaster hits? Many aren’t, but there’s one thing you can do right now to minimize your network’s recovery time in the event of a natural – or unnatural – disaster (I’m looking at you, hackers!). When you make regular backups, you can quickly replace any broken or hacked sites with a previous copy that’s unaffected. The trouble is, creating backups manually can be time-consuming and easily forgotten about and not all options available are necessarily network-ready.

VaultPress always number one. But others mentioned are all premium: Snapshot Pro, BackWPUp Pro, and UpdraftPlus Premium.

Source: 4 Top WordPress Multisite Backup Solutions Tested and Reviewed


Made a resolution to learn Javascript for WordPress development? Awesome! The learning resources in this article will help you learn Javascript deeply.

It’s massive and probably good resources. But how in the world getting those 28 done ? ????

Source: 28 High-Quality Resources to Learn Javascript for WordPress


WooCommerce, which currently powers roughly 30% of online stores, has a growing catalogue of 355 extensions ranging from free to $249. Most of the major payment gateways are offered at $79 per sing…

Still wonder how he manage to monetize this. Not really get it from the article. But then again, only skimming.

Source: PayPal for WooCommerce: How Andrew Angell Is Building a Business with a Free Plugin

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