Kilas 20160126 05: WPBeginner

Almost forgot. WPBeginner also needs to be wrapped up. Well, mostly it’ll be plugins collection. Total 4 articles.

Are you experiencing a lot of 404 page not found errors in WordPress? Take a look at these 6 best free 404 redirect plugins for WordPress.

Probably useful for SEO, no?

Source: 6 Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins for WordPress


Want to add Skype share button in WordPress? Here are two methods: Skype Share plugin for WordPress or the code to add a Skype share button in WordPress.

It should open a Skype chat window, no? Not explained on the article. Probably worth to add Skype button, along with WhatsApp button.

Source: How to Add the Skype Share Button in WordPress


Are you getting errors on your RSS feed in WordPress? Check out this guide on how to easily fix common WordPress RSS feed errors.

It’s amazing to know there’s even a plugin for fix this!

Source: How to Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors


Breadcrumb Navigation is an excellent supplementary navigation system specially for CMS because it helps in site usability and SEO.

Still prefer a built-in breadcrumb instead plugin like these.

Source: How to Display BreadCrumb Navigation Links in WordPress

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