The 10 Big Web Design Trends of 2015

Cards, one-pagers, minimalism.. Jerry Cao has talked to designers and put together the definitive list of important web design trends of 2015. Just keep up to date with the trend. Source: The 10 Big Web Design Trends of 2015

2015 year in review

2015 has been an interesting year for me in so many ways. Partly because it’s been supremely successful for the business and partly because it has been exceptionally challenging (and superb) on a personal level. Good achievement ???? Source: 2015 year in review

JavaScript: 2015 in Review

Craig looks back at a remarkable year for JavaScript and the exponentially increasing number of tools, frameworks and projects. Now that’s why the leap versions: 2015 saw the political squabbles surrounding Node end with the merging of the io.js fork. This meant Node.js v0.12 could be superseded by Node.js v4.0 in September. Yes, that’s a […]

PHP Tips, Resources and Best Practices for 2015

This post by Bruno Skvorc will list highly effective tips, resources and best practices for keeping your PHP projects secure, fast and awesome. The post is more than one year ago. But still relevant. The main message: Don’t be lazy !! ???????????? Source: PHP Tips, Resources and Best Practices for 2015