10 WordPress Takeaways From 2015 | @thetorquemag

Another year is coming to an end. And, in the world of WordPress, so much has happened. It’s been a year filled with Wappuus, WordCamps, APIs, and important milestones. In no particular order, let’s take […] Calypso is the biggest one. Source: 10 WordPress Takeaways From 2015 | @thetorquemag

Best and Worst Themes for WooCommerce | Daniel Santoro

Day-to-day, working with WooCommerce puts me in touch with users around the globe. From selling services to selling products and everything in between, a huge part of these small businesses rely so… Not sure if this is a good list or the contrary. Basically it said that the best ones are from WooThemes itself and […]

WordPress.org Added 910 New Themes in 2015

The WordPress.org Theme Review Team has just wrapped up a busy year of adding new themes, approving updates, and overhauling procedures. In 2015, the team reviewed and approved 910 new themes with … 910 is not a small number. Congrats TRT! Source: WordPress.org Added 910 New Themes in 2015

SitePoint’s Top 5 Posts of 2015

These five articles were the most-read posts of 2015. Only one is not a compilation articles. And it’s about Node.js. And it’s the one not on the reading list before. Well, added already anyway. Source: SitePoint’s Top 5 Posts of 2015

The State of Front-End Tooling – 2015

I asked front-end developers to fill in a survey about their their knowledge and usage patterns across a number of front-end tools. Check out the results. Surprisingly, Gulp is used more than Grunt. Time to change, too? Or just stick with Grunt? And this “module bundler” seems like things to catch. Never used/heard before. Source: […]

10 Web Predictions for 2015: The Results!

Twelve months ago I published 10 Web Predictions for 2015 — my Nostradamus-like look into the year ahead. I’m useless at these forecasts. Despite keeping a close eye on industry developments, I scored a pathetic 4.5 out of 10 last year. Let’s see if I can beat it in 2015… Bad score. But it’s pretty […]

What I’m Thankful For in WordPress in 2015 | WPShout

I asked myself: What in WordPress have I been grateful for in 2015? The answers will guide you to some amazing stuff. Happy Thanskgiving! This week, I aske Nice compilation list. Now starting to think if should download Josh ebook now or postpone it again. Source: What I’m Thankful For in WordPress in 2015 | WPShout