JavaScript: 2015 in Review

Craig looks back at a remarkable year for JavaScript and the exponentially increasing number of tools, frameworks and projects.

Now that’s why the leap versions:

2015 saw the political squabbles surrounding Node end with the merging of the io.js fork. This meant Node.js v0.12 could be superseded by Node.js v4.0 in September. Yes, that’s a jump of three whole versions because io.js had reached version 3.0 and couldn’t go backward.

And this is so true ????

Do you remember the carefree days when web development only required a browser, a text editor and an FTP client? Today you need Node.js, Gulp/Grunt, git, static HTML generators, Sass compilers, Autoprefixer, minifiers, uglifiers, linters, BrowserSync and a range of other build tools to create a basic “Hello World” page.

Source: JavaScript: 2015 in Review

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