Comparing Gulp And Grunt For WordPress Developers

In the world of build scripts, both Gulp and Grunt have become quite popular, and each has its own share of proponents, critics, loyalists as well as fans. The battle continues. And (not) surprisingly, it linked to previous post too. Source: Comparing Gulp And Grunt For WordPress Developers

Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp

If you’re building a modern JavaScript application or website, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the JavaScript Build Tool Landscape. … Let me cover some of the reasons why I think these tools are bad choices. Just when starting to use Grunt, now should stop? 😄 Source: Why we should stop using Grunt & Gulp

Build and Publish Your Own Grunt Plugin

Stephan Max shows how to build your own little Grunt plugin and publish it via the npm package manager. This is a good tutorial. But since won’t create one in the near future, just skim it for now. Source: Build and Publish Your Own Grunt Plugin

How to Grunt and Gulp Your Way to Workflow Automation

Microsoft’s Etienne Margraff explains how to use developer automation software like Gulp and Grunt to make your development workflow simple. Gulp sounds promising. But like ever read somewhere (forgot the link), if Grunt is enough for doing the jobs, then won’t necessary to learn the same tool. And here’s another quote to strengthen the statement: […]

The State of Front-End Tooling – 2015

I asked front-end developers to fill in a survey about their their knowledge and usage patterns across a number of front-end tools. Check out the results. Surprisingly, Gulp is used more than Grunt. Time to change, too? Or just stick with Grunt? And this “module bundler” seems like things to catch. Never used/heard before. Source: […]

JavaScript Workflow Automation Using Grunt and Gulp

When you are new to front-end development and start mastering HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the obvious next step is to put your hands on tools that most developers use to stay sane in this complex space. You too deserve to have more flexibility and features while writing your CSS sheets by using Less. You too […]

Using Jade and Grunt to Speed Up HTML Production

Nouran Mahmoud introduces Jade, a Node-based template engine to preprocess your HTML, demonstrating how to automate HTML production with Jade using Grunt. Already use Jade for production. But this give a good base understanding. Also mixins and stuffs give a deeper knowledge. Going to try that in another time. Source: Using Jade and Grunt to […]