JavaScript Workflow Automation Using Grunt and Gulp

When you are new to front-end development and start mastering HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the obvious next step is to put your hands on tools that most developers use to stay sane in this complex space. You too deserve to have more flexibility and features while writing your CSS sheets by using Less. You too […]

Using Jade and Grunt to Speed Up HTML Production

Nouran Mahmoud introduces Jade, a Node-based template engine to preprocess your HTML, demonstrating how to automate HTML production with Jade using Grunt. Already use Jade for production. But this give a good base understanding. Also mixins and stuffs give a deeper knowledge. Going to try that in another time. Source: Using Jade and Grunt to […]

Watch: Compiling Sass using grunt-contrib-watch

Learn how to use Grunt’s Sass, watch, and connect plug-ins to create a build system that opens a browser, and updates any change in html, or Sass code.   grunt-contrib-connect seems interesting. Going to check that when had a time. Source: Watch: Compiling Sass using grunt-contrib-watch

Watch: Getting Started with Grunt

I will explain and take you through the process of configuring a gruntfile from start to completion so that you can truly understand how GruntJS works. Back to basic again. Good for refreshment. Also learn new thing: Grunt file mapping is various. Two of them explained in the screencast are Compact and File Object. Source: Watch: […]