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Let’s wrap things up. Part 1. Total 6 articles.

I suspect this is what many of us do (based on my own behavior and what I observe of others), but I’m not sure we outright say it or embrace it. Mood Drive

Not really sure with the article. Does it say mood is good ? Well regardles still mood-dependent, still thinking it’s not a good way.

Source: Mood Driven Development | CSS-Tricks


Nadav Soferman has written a great post about the common mistakes that can be made when developers attempt to make images responsive: Whichever responsive

Still having trouble with Responsive Image. Original article seems too long. So skipped it. Hope it’s summarized well in this.

Source: The Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator | CSS-Tricks


Louis Lazaris presents the 7th installment of this series featuring another more than 20 learning resources for front-end developers.

It’s already No. 7. How in the world can catch the previous 6 series? Well, Evernoted anyway.

Source: 20+ Docs and Guides for Front-end Developers (No. 7)


Microsoft’s Rami Sayar shares the three plugins that every Gruntfile and Gulpfile needs to make a great website

JavaScript Lint, Web Standards, JavaScript Unit-Testing (meet Mocha again). Not sure if going to use them. But good reference.

Source: 3 Plugins Every Gruntfile & Gulpfile Needs


When talking about Git and WordPress, Subversion and WordPress, or other version control, people are turned off. But there are resources for this stuff!

Having hard time to categorize this. But prefer to Techno, since it’s more about Git. Already subscribed and can see the videos at anytime. Just not sure yet, when.

Source: Git and WordPress | Tom McFarlin


Becoming more efficient with email is something I think many of us aim to do. After all, we spend a significant chunk of our day working out of our inboxes.

Email can be done. Not really need the Google Inbox app. But RSS feeds is another homework . . .

Source: Being More Efficient with Email | Tom McFarlin

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