JavaScript Workflow Automation Using Grunt and Gulp

When you are new to front-end development and start mastering HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the obvious next step is to put your hands on tools that most developers use to stay sane in this complex space. You too deserve to have more flexibility and features while writing your CSS sheets by using Less. You too […]

WordPress Support, In-House vs Extend

When asked if WordPress product support should be done in-house, the immediate answer seems clear: Yes. But I think there’s more to it. Remember those times when responsible as a Technical Support staff. Wonderful experience. Source: Should WordPress Product Support Be In-House? | Tom McFarlin   When your ability to offer WordPress support exceeds your capabilities […]

Kilas 20160117

Was trying to use oEmbed, but afraid it’ll take too much time to load. Especially when there are a lot of. Also not all sites support, so it’ll be troublesome.