Kilas 20160117

Was trying to use oEmbed, but afraid it’ll take too much time to load. Especially when there are a lot of. Also not all sites support, so it’ll be troublesome.

If you’ve ever purchased files from Envato, chances are that you have them backed up locally or sent to a cloud storage service like Dropbox. Upvato is a new alternative that specializes in E…

Good service. And bold decision. No monetization? Hmm…

Source: New Upvato Service Offers Free Backups for Envato Market Products


If you’re looking for an easy way to display highlights of a story inside of posts, check out a new plugin called Story Lines, developed by Jacob Martella. Story Lines adds a meta box to the …

Was using excerpt for this kind of feature once. Should it be a custom field or using plugin like this?

Source: Easily Display Highlights of a Story With the Story Lines Plugin


When it comes to blogging, one question that many people have is “How do I come up with blog post ideas?” There’s not a single answer, but here’s my take.

Ideas, sometimes still can get. Times, and mostly Desire, are the ones which more difficult to get.

Source: Tips For Generating Blog Post Ideas | Tom McFarlin


Drupal, the open source CMS founded by Dries Buytaert on December 29th, 2000, is 15 years old. Drupal version 1.0.0 was released on January 15th, 2001, “The early decisions to open-source Dru…

Was going to try Drupal at first. But fall for WordPress later. Till now.

Source: Happy 15th Birthday Drupal


When it comes to business advice, a lot of it is pretty generic. “Don’t air your dirty laundry on social media” is one I hear all the time.

Quick conclusion: be different.

Source: How Being Like Jessica Jones Can Help Your Online WordPress Business | @thetorquemag


A zealous cadre of open source project maintainers is hoping to inspire change at GitHub by publicizing their complaints regarding issue management. After pursuing official channels without receivi…

You can’t ask for more for free things.

Source: Open Source Project Maintainers Confront GitHub with Open Letter on Issue Management


Just a few weeks before A Day of REST,  yesterday organizers of the conference Human Made released a white paper, Talking to 25 Percent of the Web, which takes an in-depth look at the REST […]

Torque version of late WPTavern. Already downloaded it. Hopefully can (have time to) read it.

Source: Human Made Releases Free White Paper On REST API | @thetorquemag


In this tutorial you’ll learn why hotlinking is bad and how you can prevent hotlinking on your WordPress website.

Bookmarked. Might be useful in the future.

Source: How to Prevent Image Hotlinking in WordPress – Kinsta


Quite a while ago now, I built a WordPress plugin called MobilePress while I was contracting for company. Eventually we spun it off and used it to create a startup, but that story is for another da…

Noted. So will be prepared when releasing free/open-source plugin. Just don’t know when.

Source: Supporting open source WordPress plugins

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