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To make more it more tidy and clean, it’s better to split them. Part 2. Total 12 articles.

Advertising in themes is always a bit of a tough subject to discuss. It can be hard finding a balance between elegant marketing and providing a quality free theme that doesn’t get in the way …

Yes indeed, if using a free theme, don’t want to see many ads. But if creating one, would just love to put everything as ads ????

Source: Discussion: Advertising in themes


Page Builder Sandwich is a new light-weight and free Page Building plugin for WordPress. It is designed to work with any WordPress theme and has been teste

Yet another Page Builder ?

Source: PB Sandwich: A New Free Lightweight Front-End Page Builder WordPress Plugin


If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin or just setting it up, here are some SEO tips that will help you get even more out of the plugin.

Probably better doing this. Get a glance of SEO by small steps like these kind of tips.

Source: Simple SEO Tips When Using the Yoast SEO Plugin


Have you been looking for a weekly curation of the most important WordPress news? As of this week we’ll also be publishing a weekly post alongside our weekly newsletter.

Seems Year 2016 is the Year of ‘BacApa’ ???? Here’s one from WPMayor.

Source: Catch Up with the Latest WordPress News – WP Mayor


Jack Slingerland started hacking on WordPress in 2008, but recently his career has taken him a bit further afield from it than he would like. By day he is a Senior Software Engineer at CA Technolog…

It’s different from WP Pusher. And it’s premium. And somehow git is finally included in this resume.

Source: Kernl to Offer Hosted Private Plugin and Theme Updates


One of the areas where Automattic and its products like have the most room for growth is in the area of marketing. It’s also an area our competitors are spending heavily in, wit…

Will not tag this as ‘job’. Since it’s Marketing Vacancy anyway.

Source: Marketing at Automattic


The WordPress Accessibility team is seeking feedback on a draft that outlines accessibility coding standards for WordPress core. According to the draft, new features should meet the accessibility g…

Already need to add accessiblity as a taxonomy, no?

Source: Your Chance to Give Feedback on WordPress’ Accessibility Coding Standards


“Pakistan is ranked 3rd on and most of the projects are based on WordPress,” Syed said. “It shows how people are using WordPress to change their lives in Pakistan. Many of the big WordPress companies have employees working from Pakistan.”

Wow, Pakistan. Should not lose now. In a positive way, of course ????

Source: First WordPress Meetup in Karachi Draws 125 Attendees


The Two-Factor Plugin is currently on a brief hiatus, while we work on splitting off it’s Application Passwords feature into a smaller, solo feature plugin. Application Passwords was initiall…

Probably works like the ones in Dropbox.

Source: The Two Factor Plugin is currently on a…


WordPress has enabled millions of people to transform their work and lives and created a vibrant community. That’s just two of many reasons to say #IloveWP

Probably should write one #ilovewp too? For blog updates, no?

Source: 7 Reasons That Make Me Say #ILoveWP (What Are Yours?)


One of WordPress’ greatest strengths is that it’s free to download and use. This makes it an excellent choice for nonprofit organizations that have a small budget. Nonprofits that can&#…

Good guide. Take a look at a glance on the Domain and Hosting section. And meet SiteGround (and WP Engine) again there.

Source: Mark Root-Wiley Publishes Free Guide for Nonprofits That Use WordPress


The customizer is a framework for live-previewing changes to WordPress sites. And by now, nearly every WordPress theme/site features responsive designs intended to look good on any device. Previewi…

Ah this one’s nice. Hopefully won’t cause much trouble when finally implemented.

Source: Previewing Site Responsiveness in the Customizer


Want to know what is the most SEO friendly URL structure? In this article, we explain the most SEO friendly WordPress permalink settings.

Basic stuff. But not realizing if the default permalink is now changed since WP 4.2. Hope not forget to check if going to setup a new WP installation.

Source: What is a SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress


Want to find the most expensive WordPress themes? Here is a list of the most expensive WordPress themes and why they are totally worth it.

Definitely not going to buy them. Well, at least for now ????

Source: 7 Most Expensive Premium WordPress Themes and Why They’re Worth It

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