Kilas 20160126 03: #ilovewp

All about #ilovewp

One area that’s been unloved for a bit on is the testimonials page, it was almost funny because they were so old they talked about things people don’t even know what they …

#ilovewp from Matt.

Source: Testimonials for WordPress is getting some love in 2016. In addition to a beautifully redesigned login page, the testimonials page is in the process of being completely revamped. The update comes not a moment t…

#ilovewp version by WPTavern.

Source: WordPress is Revamping Its Testimonials Page with #ilovewp Social Media Campaign


Perhaps you cut your teeth on web development with your first WordPress blog. Maybe you paid your way through college developing WordPress sites for small businesses. Or maybe you attended your first WordCamp and instantly […]

#ilovewp version of Torquemag.

Source: WordPress Revamps Testimonials Page Using #Ilovewp | @thetorquemag


Welcome to Torque Toons, an editorial cartoon celebrating WordPress.

Torque Toons version of #ilovewp

Source: Torque Toons: #ilovewp | @thetorquemag

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