Deploying from GitHub to a Server

Chris Ward provides tips on making Git and GitHub projects fit better into developer workflow—from running tests to deploying your code to a server. Thinks there’s a simple way for GitHub webhook, turns out still needing third party tool for easier. Got an introduction of Jenkins and Travis. Source: Deploying from GitHub to a Server

WordPress Plugin Review: WP Pusher

While the WordPress core project still uses SVN for version control, it’s pretty safe to say that the vast majority of serious WordPress developers use Git on their own projects. That being the case, it’s somewhat of a surprise that there aren’t more git-based tools like WP Pusher that help developers integrate some of their […]

Beginner Tutorial: How to Use Git for WordPress Development

Learn how to use version control with Git for WordPress development in this beginner tutorial. From setup over tracking changes to your first commit. Good basic tutorial. Especially if want to use SourceTree on Windows. Just the opening paragraph a little bit misleading. Uploading via FTP can’t be replaced with mere version control. The workflow should […]

Managing Huge Repositories with Git

Shaumik examines ways to manage huge repositories with Git, including shallow cloning, cloning a single branch, using submodules and third-party extensions. Once shocked someone pushed the PSD files to git. Turns out large files is indeed problem for git. And it’s nice to have solutions like these. Source: Managing Huge Repositories with Git

Writing PHP Git Hooks with Static Review

Matthew Setter take a look at Static Review – a framework for writing git hooks, so you can do hook inspections on your files on certain git actions! Seems nice. Although not keen to try it right now. Source: Writing PHP Git Hooks with Static Review