XML-RPC for WordPress Developers

In this article we walk you through the fundamentals of XML-RPC for WordPress, including the basics of XML-RPC and how WordPress exposes this protocol. Some sample codes for using XML-RPC. Just for knowledge. More interested in WP REST API. Source: XML-RPC for WordPress Developers

WordPress Plugin Review: WP Pusher

While the WordPress core project still uses SVN for version control, it’s pretty safe to say that the vast majority of serious WordPress developers use Git on their own projects. That being the case, it’s somewhat of a surprise that there aren’t more git-based tools like WP Pusher that help developers integrate some of their […]

Build and Publish Your Own Grunt Plugin

Stephan Max shows how to build your own little Grunt plugin and publish it via the npm package manager. This is a good tutorial. But since won’t create one in the near future, just skim it for now. Source: Build and Publish Your Own Grunt Plugin

Hello Node | The Jackal of Javascript

A quick guide on how to set up Nodejs and run the hello node application. We will also write our own http server that runs and node. Finally! It’s a start. Looking forward to another (done) tutorial. ???? Source: Hello Node | The Jackal of Javascript