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This will be massive. So will be divided into several posts. Here is Part 1.

You shouldn’t be all “I shouldn’t use more than (X) plugins” or “using an SEO plugin will slow down my website, so I shouldn’t use it even though I need to”. You can use as many plugins as you need (or want), providing that you choose your plugins and your server wisely.

Should try the P3 plugin.

Source: How to Use WordPress Plugins Without Hurting Performance


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can add the product short description to your archive pages and display it below the product title.

Simple trick. No need to try itself.

Source: WooCommerce: Adding the Product Short Description to Archive Pages


In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through customizations and tricks I used with WordPress and my knowledge base theme to launch our Portland shopping guide and make it easy to launch any number of other cities—while avoiding the overhead of managing dozens or hundreds of sites.

Interesting tutorial. But not likely need it. So, will not try it.

Source: How to Make WordPress Sites Different by Geography


However, there’s one failing with this approach: It displays the categories/subcategories together, with no separation between the two.

This is the main issue. Never thought about it.

Source: Display WooCommerce Categories, Subcategories, and Products in Separate Lists



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