Kilas 20160125 02

This is Part 2.

iThemes, a WordPress company that’s celebrating eight years in business this month, is announcing a new add-on called Stash Live which will be part of BackupBuddy 7.0. Similar to VaultPress, …

Nice, but will be pricey. So, not nice.

Source: iThemes Announces Real-time Backup Service Stash Live


Backup Buddy was the first plugin that made it easy to backup, restore data, and move WordPress sites, and today the iThemes announced it’s biggest update yet, Stash Live.

Torquemag version of Stash Live.

Source: Stash Live Available In BackupBuddy 7.0 | @thetorquemag


Benefit from this exclusive offer to learn more and save big with Udemy and WP Mayor. Use promo code WPMAYOR2016 to get your course for as little as $15!

Advertorial post. But Udemy seems interesting. Is there any free course?

Source: Learn More and Save Big With Udemy and WP Mayor – WP Mayor


If you are looking for a plugin to handle your social sharing buttons across your WordPress website then I believe that this is currently the best plugin

Premium plugin. Will likely not be used.

Source: What we use on WPLift for Social Sharing: Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin Review


In a previous post, I began talking about how one of the things I wanted to begin doing this year is to introduce shorter blog posts.

Shorter, longer, just get into that blogging.

Source: Introducing Shorter Blog Posts | Tom McFarlin


Categories and tags are the two primary taxonomies WordPress makes available for organizing content, but how to use them effectively has long been a source of confusion for site admins. There’s been a lot of debate about their respective merits over the years and even experienced users often waste an unnecessary amount of time agonizing over unnecessary minutiae – particularly when it comes to the subject of SEO.

Categories and Tags seems obvious. The ones more in grey area are Tags vs Keywords.

Source: Using Categories and Tags Effectively in WordPress


Daniel Bachhuber talks about the beginnings and future of The REST API and A Day of REST.

REST API always a hot topic.

Source: The Future Of The REST API: An Interview With Daniel Bachhuber | @thetorquemag


Learn how to conduct successful beta testing that will propel your premium plugin to the top, and learn what mistakes to avoid during testing itself.

Nice share. Never thought about it. Not that will launch any products in near future.

Source: #WordPress #Developers: How to Beta Test a New #Plugin to Ensure a Successful Release


When Mason James hired his first contractor and launched WP Valet in 2012, scaling up wasn’t part of his master plan. He knew he couldn’t do it alone but couldn’t imagine having m…

Seems a good agency. Probably future lies here? ????

Source: WP Valet Rebrands Multimillion Dollar WordPress Support Business


Welcome to Torque Toons, an editorial cartoon celebrating WordPress.

Humor. Should be funny. But not too feel it. Duh.

Source: Torque Toons: WordCamp Europe 2016 | @thetorquemag


Hello! I’m excited to reveal that ThemeMeme has been reimagined (the site has been online since 2007, and used to be a popular source of free themes such as Aperio, released in 2008) as a directory…

New Theme Directory. Sounds cool.

Source: ThemeMeme (Re)Launch | ThemeMeme


After nearly eight years in business, Theme Hybrid has released its first commercial plugin. Up until now, all of the club’s themes and plugins have been free, but Justin Tadlock decided to t…

Will need to check if this is not just another Portfolio custom post type / plugin.

Source: Theme Hybrid Releases Its First Commercial Plugin: Theme Designer

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