Keeping Ahead of the Game in Your Web Career

If you’re anything like me, every time a new website builder or CMS is launched (at least a good one), a little part of you goes cold. Send the similar vibe. Specialize and focus, but keep learning and adapting. Source: Keeping Ahead of the Game in Your Web Career

WordPress vs Ghost – Which Is Better?

Thinking about starting your own website with either Ghost or WordPress? In this guide, we have compared Ghost vs WordPress to find out which one is better. It’s rather biased. But would like to try Ghost some other time. Source: WordPress vs Ghost – Which Is Better?

Slides by Designmodo Review – A Fantastic New Site Generator

Whenever Designmodo brings out something new, I get quite excited. Why, you may ask? Because I personally think Designmodo makes some of the prettiest — and often most innovative — webpage-building elements around. So when I heard about their latest release, Slides, I was as keen as ever to learn more, find out how it […]