Kilas 20160120

Password Protected, GitLab vs GitHub, WordCamp, Learning PHP, GlotPress, Best Friend Joomla, and Too Fast Too Furious.

Want to password protect your posts with only excerpt visible to all users? Learn how to show excerpt for password protected posts in WordPress.

Useful recipe. Good plugin, don’t know if will ever use.

Source: How to Show Excerpt of Password Protected Post in WordPress


The makers of GitLab are attempting to capitalize on the current situation at GitHub where open source project maintainers have publicized their frustrations with issue management. Last week, proje…

Opportunistic ?

Source: GitLab Courts Open Source Project Maintainers with Response to “Dear GitHub” Letter


Local WordPress Meetups are great ways to tackle WordPress between WordCamps. Here are the details of mine. What about yours?

Only ever attend one WordCamp. Would love to have another, if had a chance.

Source: Local WordPress Meetups (Mine and Yours) | Tom McFarlin


Becoming a WordPress developer goes hand-in-hand with learning PHP, the popular server-side scripting language WordPress is built on. Originally created in 1994, PHP is a powerful and free open source tool for creating dynamic and interactive websites. This is the second post in our five-part series for beginners, teaching you the fundamental concepts of WordPress development so you can take the leap from tinkerer to developer. By the end of the series, you will be able to create your own rudimentary themes and plugins, and flesh them out with your own features.

It’s always good to have basic stuff like this. Would love to read all of them to have a refreshment or find something new. But it takes too much time.

Source: WordPress Development for Beginners: Learning PHP


GlotPress 1.0 “Bunsen Honeydew” was released yesterday. In June 2015, Andrew Nacin began the work of transforming GlotPress into a plugin with a first pass that switched it from using the BackPress…

Had to look up first what is GlotPress. After visiting the site, here’s the description of GlotPress:

GlotPress is a collaborative, web-based software translation tool.

Source: GlotPress is Now Available as a WordPress Plugin


Last year Jenny Wong and Aaron Jorbin challenged the WordPress community to venture outside the WordPress bubble after speaking at PHP UK 2015. Both were enriched by the experience of connecting ac…

Both are getting along very well.

Source: JoomlaDay Florida Invites WordPress Developers to Attend


There are at least three major releases of WordPress per year where users can expect new features and major bug fixes about every four months. While this is great for users, some companies, plugin,…

Ttoo Fast makes Other Furious ?

Source: Matt Mullenweg Addresses Concerns That WordPress is Moving Too Fast


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