Page Builder 01: Layer vs Upfront

Reviews and direct comparison of Obox’s Layer and WPMUDev’s Upfront.

Layers from Obox Themes is a WordPress site builder with the aim of making it as easy and painless as possible to design your WordPress site, and it’s free.

Source: Reviewing the Layers Theme Framework from Obox Themes – WP Mayor


We’ve made something for you. It’s the future of WordPress. Really. Technically, it’s a parent and child theme combo. In practice it’s a completely new way to customize and run a WP site, entirely from your front-end. Which is why it’s called ‘Upfront’. And you can try it right now. WPMU DEV members, just head to themes and download a starter theme. Not a member yet? Head over to our demo site, to select a theme. Spirit is kinda nice. Turn on Upfront by clicking on ‘Customize Theme with Upfront’ in the top right, or just click here to go straight to Upfront in action.

Source: Introducing Upfront


We take a look at WPMU Dev’s new parent theme Upfront – a fantastic new WordPress theme that allows you to create stylish pages and content using a drag-and-drop page builder.

Source: Upfront by WPMU Dev – First Impressions


If you have to choose between these two page builder themes, which should you choose? Layers or Upfront? I’ll tell you my opinion.

Source: Page Builder Themes: Obox’s Layers vs WPMU Dev’s Upfront


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