A Prediction, Calypso & What I Think Is the Next WordPress!

A lot of professional Drupal developers already have exit strategies.

They may even have a day job building or maintaining Drupal 6 and/or Drupal 7 sites, but they go home at night and study Ruby, Node.js, Angular.js, even some are looking into WordPress. They want to be “out” before they have to learn Drupal 8. These are smart, capable people, who I’m sure – if they wanted to – would be able to pick up Drupal 8. So, why are they leaving? Because Drupal 8 has become different enough that learning it feels like learning something new. If they are going to invest in learning something new, why not Ruby, or Node.js, or something else?

This kind of #jleb ????

Source: A Prediction, Calypso & What I Think Is the Next WordPress!

Note: the above quote in the article is from The Decline of Drupal, or How to Fix Drupal 8 which were also quoted from Introducing Backdrop CMS, A Drupal Fork by Jennifer Lea Lampton.

Quoteception ?

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