How Will Calypso Change the Game? – ManageWP

When you take a look at Calypso, it’s clear that the target audience are users. Their users are content with letting Automattic handle the technical aspect for them, while they focus on the content.

ManageWP users, on the other hand, are power users. Almost all of you either make a living off WordPress, or have a business that relies heavily on it.

So while Calypso’s value resonates with 80% of all WordPress users (easier way to manage WordPress, plus it’s free), ManageWP is all about getting things done. It needs to be, because the most valuable asset you’ve got as a WordPress professional, is time.

That’s the beauty of WordPress – the Foundation is not looking to put us under Automattic’s thumb; Matt and his team are actively encouraging the WordPress community, through open source policy, to keep building, innovating, making lives easier for everyone, and find their own place in the ecosystem.

ManageWP vs Calypso. And also just realize about the existence of ManageWP Orion.

Source: How Will Calypso Change the Game? – ManageWP

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