Kilas 20160118

Kotlin (Switf for Android), FTP learning, site migration, and “plugin territory”.

Aldo Ziflaj looks at Kotlin, a Java-like language for Android development that fits right into current IDEs and offers many advantages.

It’s similar to Swift for iOS. Wonder when will be able to really try it.

Source: Streamline Android Java Code with Kotlin


File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, provides a fast and easy way to transfer files to and from your WordPress site. In the early days of web development, FTP was the main means of interacting with the backend of your site and uploading content. Since then, however, WordPress has simplified the process of setting up and managing a website, allowing you to upload content directly via your browser, and using FTP has become less of a necessity. But should you write it off? Not just yet.

Source: How to Use FTP Properly with WordPress


Follow thorough with our complete guide which will show you how to move your site from to a Self-Hosted Installation.

Useful notes for those who’ll require.

Source: How to Move from to Self-Hosted WordPress


Let’s start off easy: The basic mindset behind the concept of “plugin territory” is to leave out things that prevent users from switching themes. This means that you should make themes that are switchable when you stop developing the theme or the user needs (or wants) to change your theme. And you have to keep in mind that a WordPress theme should be about changing the looks of WordPress, instead of how it works.

Definitely agree with this.

Source: The Concept of “Plugin Territory” in WordPress

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