Kilas 20160119

WooCommerce 2.5, image tweak, nice articles share, WP Site Care friends, (successful) history, hosting options, and (filtered) search plugin.

WooCommerce version 2.5 has arrived. This update, the Dashing Dolphin, focuses on speeding up your store. Here’s how 2.5 can help you succeed.

Long time no touch.

Source: WooCommerce 2.5: Dashing Dolphin means speed


Are you facing image color and saturation loss issue on your WordPress site? Learn how to easily fix image color and saturation loss in WordPress.

It’s done via Photoshop. Was thinking there’s a plugin or a tweak for that.

Source: How to Fix Image Color and Saturation Loss in WordPress


In 2015, I started sharing lists of what I consider must-read WordPress articles. Since it’s a holiday in the US, I thought I’d continue the trend.

Nice reading as always. And some aren’t a really article. This time one from GitHub and one from kind like a documentation.

Source: Must Read WordPress Articles 3 | Tom McFarlin


Is running your website a chore? Why not outsource the work? From managing updates and backups to dealing with security, optimization, and custom development, running a WordPress site can be a challenge if you’re not technically inclined. And if you are* technically inclined, it can be time consuming running multiple websites. In recent years, there has been huge growth in the number of agencies offering maintenance and support for WordPress sites, kind of like one-stop shops that can take over the running of your website after launch, or even make simple one-off tweaks and updates to your site.

And there are already many services like WP Site Care. Wonder if should apply? ????

Source: 7 Top Maintenance and Support Services for Tweaking WordPress


WordPress didn’t start out successful. We can learn a lot from how it learned to scale, adapt, and utilize a community.

Amazing WordPress is amazing.

Source: Lessons From The Rise of WordPress | @thetorquemag


WPShout has published the results of its 2016 webhosting survey taken by 135 respondents. The results from this year’s survey show two trends. First, average monthly spending increased sharpl…

Would love to try one of these hostings. But the problem is always the same: ????

Source: WPShout’s 2016 Webhosting Survey Results Show Specialized Hosts Are Doing Well


Faceted search provides advanced filtering for search results. In this article, James George covers WordPress faceted search with the FacetWP plugin.

It’s premium (of course). Probably useful for future recommendation.

Source: Faceted Search with WordPress

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