Kilas 20160129 02: Make WordPress Core

Another house cleaning. Total 3 articles from Make WordPress Core.

In changeset 34330, we added a menu_id argument to wp_page_menu(), allowing theme authors to use a unique id with the containing menu div. It also means that, by default, the fallback menus have th…

Usually menu_id is set when calling the function. Not with filter like these.

Source: Menu ids in wp_page_menu()


Hi everyone! I’m here today with some special news for everyone, rather than a standard release announcement. I have three things to announce instead. ???? Discovery Library for PHP A super cool…

Not really understand this post. Probably need to start putting foot on WP API. How’s that e-book doing?

Source: WP REST API: New Tools & OAuth Updates


Now an update for the hottest most buzz-worthy JavaScript-driven single page application (SPA) in WordPress: Calypso the Customizer. Earlier in the release cycle there was a proposed roadmap for th…

Love this. Both for Customizer improvements and the sense of humour in the article itself.

Best one:

I would share a graph, but it would be a very boring flat horizontal line.

Source: Customizer improvements in 4.4

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